After a few days of excruciating pain in the middle of my back I was beginning to think it was more than just a normal muscle spasm or pulled muscle. Even though I had family members come to the CWC and had great outcomes I wasn’t sure if my back issue required something like an adjustment. When a friend suggested I go there I knew that was the confirmation I needed to go ahead and make my own appointment. I am so glad I did. I ended up having a rib out of place which explained why I couldn’t get any relief no matter what I did or what I took. Not only was I popped back into place, but I was also educated and enlightened on the condition of my spine, feet, and posture. Thanks so much Cheryl for your help! I’d gladly recommend your services to any and everyone!

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    Awesome Tiphanie!!! Thank you for your kind words. Most people have no idea that chiropractic care can help with all sorts of issues!!! Everything from bed wetting to snoring!!! Migraines to diabetes!!! Infertility issues to heart health!!! Chiropractic should be our first choice when a problem comes up……..and to keep most issues from ever coming up, see your chiropractor regularly!!! We look forward to seeing you again!!!

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