I have suffered with migraines for about 20 years. I have seen numerous doctors and neurologists who have placed me on so many different medications I can’t begin to remember them all. No one could tell me why I was having these migraines. When my test results would come back I would get the same response from all of them, “everything’s normal”. I knew something had to be wrong somewhere because no one’s head should hurt them every day. On my very first visit with Dr. Cheryl she was able to tell me the cause of my migraines. I was so happy to finally have an answer that I cried. With my first adjustment I felt a release of tension and pressure in my neck. I have felt better these past two weeks than I have in years. I haven’t experienced any anxiety or panic attacks due to the migraines. I am not taking medication every day as I was before seeing Dr. Cheryl. I know I have a journey ahead of me but, I thank Dr. Cheryl for helping me to be able to live again instead of just existing. I will forever be grateful and recommend anyone suffering with migraines to please visit Creedmoor Wellness Center.