My 7 month old son woke one morning with an eye issue. He wouldn’t open his eye. He would cry if I turned on the lights. Before we finished breakfast, I had made him an appointment with the pediatrician. I put him down for his morning nap and when he woke up, his eye had swollen up. There were tears running from that eye and he had started having red blotches around his eye going up into his hair. I took him up to my adjustment appointment with Dr. Cheryl. While I was there, she adjusted him, too. He wasn’t doing well at all when she saw him. He just laid there; he wasn’t playing or babbling. He was not himself. Within minutes of his adjustment, he started coming around. He perked up, started babbling and grabbing for my keys. I went ahead and took him to his appointment from there. By the time I got to the pediatrician – 30 minutes later – his eye was open, was not tearing, and the red blotches were gone. He was acting completely normal. Dr. Cheryl does an amazing service for her patients; helping our bodies heal themselves.

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    Thank you so much Ginger!! We are so happy to have your entire family as a part of our family!! The human body is an amazing machine and Dr. Cheryl really knows how to work on this machine! She simply removed an interference in your baby’s body and he was able to heal himself quickly. You are by smart in letting chiropractic help him. No drugs no surgery! We love you guys very much!!

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