It took my friend awhile to talk me into giving Dr. Cheryl a visit.
I just want to say that i am so glad i did. When i started my therapy I had no get up and go at all. I ached somewhere all the time.I was the chronic complainer.. My joints were so stiff that i stayed sore in my body 3/4 of the time and my stomach was a mess. Since my treatment, I look forward to each day and i am on the move all the time. My body actually feels good and i look forward to my adjustments.
I feel BETTER than i have in years and ohh did i mention i have dropped 22 pounds. So i urge anyone if your body is a mess forever what the reason. Give Creedmoor wellness a call and start you a road to recovery … There is always a smile to be found when you enter ..Call todayYou will be GLAD you did…
Thank you Dr Cheryl Hanly and your Team…

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  1. creedmoorwellness Post author

    Thanks Diane!!! You are an awesome patient and we truly appreciate you!!! We are really glad you finally listened to your friend!!! Keep up the good work!!! :0)

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